Mit Klick auf das Bild findet ihr hier den Zugang zur Fotogallerie mit eigenen Schnappschüssen von B.B.King, Johnny Guitar Watson, Walter Wolfman Washington, Willy DeVille und Frank Zappa. Viel Spass!
New Orleans Jackson Square
Etwas Klassische Musik
Average White Band Aftershock
Average White Band Philadelphia, PA. 17/08/1976 Bootleg
ArresteDevelopment Best Of
Allison, Luther 85 & 95 German Shows Bootleg
Baker, Chet Live At Ronnie Scott's w. Van
Black Pumas 14 Songs
Black Pumas 21 Songs
Black Pumas 30 Songs (Deluxe)
Buckley, Tim Look At The Fool
Buckley, Tim Greetings From L.A.
Buckley, Tim Happy Sad
Buckley, Tim Peel Session Live bootleg
Buckley, Tim Live At The Troubadour '69 bootleg
Buckley, Tim Blue Obsession bootleg
Buckley, Tim Goodbye And Hello
Buckley, Tim The Dream Belongs To Me
Buckley, Tim Starsailor Sp.Ed.
Buckley, Tim Lorca
Buckley, Tim Dreamletter
Buckley, Tim Copenhagen Tapes
Buckley, Tim Live At The Folklore Center, NY
Buckley, Tim Once I Was BBC Sessions
Brown, James Soul & Funky
Brown, James Live Vol. I
Brown, James 1983 Beverley Hills Spec.Guest: B.B. King Bootleg
Brainstorm Second Smile
Brainstorm Second Smile w. Bonus
Be Limited Bold Edition
Banerjee, Nikhil Immortal Sitar Of N.B.
Banerjee; Nikhil The Genius Of N.B.
Cherry, Don Something Old
D'Arby, Terence Trent Live In 1987
Davis, Miles Decoy
Davis, Miles San Francisco, Ca.(5 in 1) Bootleg
Davis, Miles San Francisco, Ca.(5 in 1) Bootleg
Davis, Miles San Francisco, Ca.(5 in 1) Bootleg
Davis, Miles Bahamas (5 in 1) Bootleg
Davis, Miles Lenox (5 in 1) Bootleg
Davis, Miles San Francisco, Ca. Bootleg
Davis, Miles Anywhere At Anytime
Live In Aalen 1991
Davis, Miles Compl. In A Silent Way Sessions
Davis, Miles Compl. On The Corner Sessions
Davis, Miles Kind Of Blue
Davis, Miles Rubberband
Dopsie, Dwayne & The Zideco Hellraisers Rough & Uncut  
Dury, Ian & The Blockheads London, GB 18.Oct. 1998
Dylan, Bob Desire
Edwards, Phillip Mysterious
Ferguson, Rebecca Heaven
Festival Of Indian Music Romantic Ragas
Guy, Buddy Stone Crazy
Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells Play The Blues
Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells Bottom Line New York 09/01/78 bootleg
Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells Bottom Line New York 10/01/78 bootleg
Gaye, Marvin A Tribute To Nat King Cole
Gaye, Marvin Tokyo Japan 13/11/79 bootleg
Gaye, Marvin & Ross, Diane Diane & Marvin
Garbarek, Jan Ragas & Sagas
Garbarek,L. Shankar, Gurtu; Visconcelos Jazzfestival Montreux 07/16/85 bootleg
Hooker, John Lee Boogie Man
Hooker, John Lee Don't Look Back
Hooker, John Lee Sampler
Hot Blues Sampler
Holiday, Billie Live At The Savoy
Holiday, Billie The Man I Love
Holiday, Billie Last Recording
Holiday, Billie A Collection Sampler
Holiday, Billie Just Jazz w/Ed Beach
Howlin' Wolf The London Sessions
Jagger, Mick and Friends Superheavy
James, Elmore Dust My Broom
James, Etta Mystery Lady (Songs of Billie)
Jarreau, Al Look To The Rainbow
Jarreau, Al San Francisco 24/06/1977 Bootleg
Jones, Keziah African Space Craft
Jonse, Sharon 100 Days 100 Nights
Jones, Sharon Give The People What They Want
King, B.B. Live At The Apollo
King, B.B. Live At The Regal
King, B.B. King Of The Blues
King, B.B. Blues Encore
King, B.B. Confession' The Blues
King, B.B. Gold Collection
King, B.B. Indiana Mississippi Seeds
King, B.B. Loneley Nights
King, B.B. Let The Good Times Roll
King, B.B & Clapton, Eric Riding With The King
King, B.B & Clapton, Eric Riding With The King Deluxe
King, B.B. Live At The Apollo
King, B.B Live In Hamburg 1985 Bootleg
King, B.B. & Chaka Khan Live in Aalen 1996
King, B.B Glastonbury UK. 2011 DVD
KingsX Best Of
Living Colour Vivid
Mayfield, Curtis With Kool & The Gang
Mother's Finest Subluxation
Mother's Finest Live 1990 bootleg
Marley, Bob 4 CD Sampler
Marley, Bob Live At The Lyricum
Marley, Bob Babylon By Bus
Marley, Bob feat. Peter Tosh London, UK. 24/05/73 bootleg
Marley, Bob Chicago 1975 bootleg
Marley, Bob Trenchtown Rock bootleg
Marley, Bob Boston Music Hall 08/06/78 bootleg
Marley, Bob Oakland Auditorium 11/30/79 bootleg
Marley, Bob Nassau Bahamas 15/12/1979 bootleg
Marley, Bob Rockpalast Dortmund 1980 bootleg
Marley, Bob Pittsburgh, PA. 1980 last Show bootleg
Marley, Bob Kaya
Martyn, John No Little Boy
Martyn, John Bless The Weather
Martyn, John Road To Ruin
Martyn, John The Church With One Bell
Matthews, Dave & Band What Would You Say (Single)
Monk Soundtrack
Neville Brothers Nevillization
Neville Brothers Boulder CO.18.04.2008
Neville, Aaron Live & Alive bootleg
Pendergrass, Teddy Cleveland, OH. 22.07.1977
Porter, Gregory Liquid Spirit
Prince New Power Generation
Prince Art Official Age
Prince Chaos & Disorder
Prince First Avenue Minneapolis, MI. 06/07/84 bootleg
Prince Cobo Hall Detroit, MI. 06/07/86 bootleg
Prince Het Paard Van Troje, The Hague, Rotterdam, Holland 08/18/88 bootleg
Prince Live & Alive bootleg
Prince Montreux, CH 18.07.2009 bootleg
Prince Fox Theatre Detroit, MI. 05/09/15 bootleg
Rivers, Johnny ...And I Know You Wanna Dance
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
Rolling Stones Bridges To Babylon
Shankar, Ravi 3CD-Set
Shankar, Ravi Raga Charukauns
Shankar, Ravi Spirit Of India
Santana Sacred Fire
Santana Jam 1993
Incl. Some Fillmore 1968
Santana Spirit Dancing In The Flesh
Santana Milagro
Santana Supernatural
Santana Moonflower
Santana 3 CD-Box Live & Studio
Santana Spirit Dancing In The Flesh
Santana 1969
Santana Inner Secrets
Santana Marathon Incl. Some Zebop
Santana Shape Shifter
Santana & B. Miles Stuttgart Schleyerhalle 03/17/87 bootleg
Santana San Francisco, CA.
Smith, Patti Radio Ethiopia
Smith, Patti Wave
Smith, Patti Easter
Smith, Patti Horses
Smith, Patti Twelve
Smith, Patti Land (1975-2002)
Smith, Patti Live At CBGB
Smith, Patti Bottom Line New York 1975
Smith, Patti Washington 1/16/76 Early Show
Smith, Patti Washington 1/16/76 Late Show
Smith, Patti Paris 03/26/78
Smith, Patti Rockpalast Grugahalle Essen
Smith, Patti Anywhere 1986
Smith, Patti Bologna 04/04/08
St. Germain Tourist
Ten CC 20 Greatest Hits
Toots & The Maytals True Love
Tower Of Power Bottom Line New York, NY.
Van Morrison Live At The Great Opera House
Van Morrison

No Guru,No Method,No Teacher

Van Morrison Down The Road
Van Morrison Back On Top

Van Morrison

Astral Weeks
Van Morrison 12/12/1998 Phillipshalle Duesseldorf Bootleg
Van Morrison 1973 It's Too Late To Stop Now


Van Morrison 06/06/02 Tempodrom Berlin Bootleg
Willy DeVille Cabretta
Willy DeVille Return to Magenta
Willy DeVille Le Chat Bleu
Willy DeVille Coup De Grace
Willy DeVille Savoir Faire
Willy DeVille Where Angels Fear To Tread
Willy DeVille Sportin' Life
Willy DeVille Miracle
Willy DeVille Victory Mixture
Willy DeVille Back Streets Of Desire
Willy DeVille Greatest Hits Live '76 - '93
Willy DeVille Loup Garou
Willy DeVille Love And Emotion
Willy DeVille Horse Of A Different Colour
Willy DeVille Hey Joe Salvation Army
Willy DeVille Big Easy Fantasy
Willy DeVille Crow Jane Alley
Willy DeVille Just For Friends
Willy DeVille Meter Sessies
Willy DeVille Pistola
Willy DeVille Live In The Lowlands
Willy DeVille I Call Your Name/ Assassin Of Love (2 EPs)
Willy DeVille Live At Montreux 1994
Willy DeVille Cadillac Walk (Collection)
Willy DeVille Les Inoubliables de Willy DeVille
Willy DeVille Casino Montreux 13/07/82
Willy DeVille Casino Montreux 15/07/94
Willy DeVille Come A Little Bit Closer
Willy DeVille Bottom Line NY 01/07/77 bootleg
Willy DeVille Bottom Line NY 02/07/77 bootleg
Willy DeVille Amsterdam, NL. 23/09/77 bootleg
Willy DeVille Bottom Line NY 30/09/77 bootleg
Willy DeVille Chicago, IL. 1977 bootleg
Willy DeVille Winterland SF 07/06/78 bootleg
Willy DeVille WDR Studio Köln 16/06/78 bootleg
Willy DeVille Paradise Boston, MA. 20/07/78 bootleg
Willy DeVille Sometimes Somewhere In NL
Willy DeVille Apeldoorn, NL. 14/06/80 bootleg
Willy DeVille Vierzon, FR. 30/06/80 bootleg
Willy DeVille New York 12/09/1980 bootleg
Willy DeVille New York 14/04/81 on 2/7/77 bootleg
Willy DeVille Live In Essen Rockpalast 81 bootleg
Willy DeVille Live At The Savoy 26/09/81 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Live At The Savoy 81 Complete Bootleg
Willy DeVille Apeldoorn, NL. 26/11/81 bootleg
Willy DeVille Geleen, NL. 31/05/82 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Live N.Y. USA 82 bootleg
Willy DeVille Rotterdam 11/07/82 bootleg
Willy DeVille New York 13/12/82 bootleg
Willy DeVille Nijmegen, NL. 07/05/84 bootleg
Willy DeVille Nijmegen, NL. 05/08/84 bootleg
Willy DeVille Gent, Belgium 09/08/84 bootleg
Willy DeVille Frankfurt, Germany 24/05/1985 bootleg
Willy DeVille New York 18/03/86 bootleg
Willy DeVille Chicago, IL. 06/86 bootleg
Willy DeVille Desperate Day Lusanne 03/9/88 bootleg
Willy DeVille Festival de Blaye Fr. 19/07/91 bootleg
Willy DeVille Metropol Berlin,Ger 08/12/92 bootleg
Willy DeVille Stuttgart Germany 15/12/92 bootleg
Willy DeVille Spanish Troll Live USA 93 bootleg
Willy DeVille Tempodrome Berlin,Ger13/06/94 bootleg
Willy DeVille Live In Bonn Germany 95 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Rotterdam NL. 21/02/96 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Karlsruhe Ger.20/06/96 bootleg
Willy DeVille Ludwigsburg Ger.96 bootleg
Willy DeVille New York 03/06/99 bootleg
Willy DeVille Italy April 2000 bootleg
Willy DeVille Paderno Italy 15/07/01 bootleg
Willy DeVille Gothenburg Sweden 09/03/02 bootleg
Willy DeVille Trio Live In Berlin Ger.21/03/02 bootleg
Willy DeVille Trip To New Orleans sampler
Willy DeVille Trio Berlin 21/03/02 Bootleg

Willy DeVille

Darmstadt, Ger. 26/03/02 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Trio Basel Suisse 11/05/2002 Bootleg

Willy DeVille

Berlin Ger.02 Bootleg

Willy DeVille

ZMF Freiburg Ger.07/08/03 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Trio Kaufleuten Zuerich 21/10/03 Bootleg

Willy DeVille

Roma, Italy 16/03/05 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Paris France 17/04/2005 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Trio Schlachthof Bremen 02/11/06 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Trio Centralstation Darmstadt, Ger. 06/11/06 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Kaufleuten Zuerich 24/07/07 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Cologne Ger.26/02/08 bootleg
Willy DeVille Bremen Ger.27/02/08 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Berlin,Ger 01/03/08 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Munich Ger. 06/03/08 bootleg
Willy DeVille Stuttgart Ger. 07/03/08 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Amsterdam NL. 07/07/08 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Paris, France 08/07/08 Bootleg
Willy DeVille Bonn Ger.19/07/08 Bootleg
Willy DeVille A Special
Washington, Jr. Grover Paradise
Washington, Kamasi The Epic
Washington, Walter Wolfman Sada
Washington, Walter Wolfman 1990 Live In Baden Baden Bootleg
Watson, J. Guitar 1977 Bremen TV- Studios Bootleg
Waters, Muddy Walkin' Through the Park
Waters, Muddy I'M Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Waters, Muddy Rolling' Stone
Waters, Muddy 04/11/76 Live in Monthey Bootleg
Waters, Muddy 07/11/76 Paris, France Bootleg
Waters, Muddy Rockpalast Dortmund 1978
Filler: Berlin 1976
Withers, Bill Live At Carnegie Hall 1973
Williams, Robbie Life Thru A Lens
Williams, Robbie I've Been Expecting You
Williams, Robbie Sing When You're Winning
Williams, Robbie Greatest Hits
Williams, Robbie 08/02/03 Knebworth Festival Bootleg
Williams, Robbie 10/09/05 Velodrom, Berlin Bootleg
Williams, Robbie Rudebox
Winehouse, Amy Back To Black
Winehouse, Amy Lioness: Hidden Treasure
Winehouse, Amy Hove Festival Norway 06/26/07
Winehouse, Amy Dublin, Ireland 12/07708
Zydeco BSL Collection Of Zydeco Music Sampler
Zappa, Frank & MOI Cruisin' With Ruben & The Jets
Zappa, Frank One Shot Deal
Zappa, Frank Joe's Corsage
Zappa, Frank Philly '76
Zappa, Frank Guest Appearances Sampler
Zappa, Frank 18.11.73 Waterloo, Canada Bootleg
Zappa, Frank & MOI 01.10.74 Basel CH Bootleg
Zappa, Frank & MOI 15.11.74 Buffalo NY Bootleg
Zappa, Frank & MOI 27.11.74 St. Paul MN. Bootleg
Zappa, Frank & MOI 1975 KCTV TV Los Angeles Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 31.10.77 First Show & More Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 1978 Poughkeepsie NY. Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 12.02.1979 Manchester, UK. Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 1980 Zirkus Krone München Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 1980 Ahoy Rotterdam NL. Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 31.10.1981New York both Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 17.11.81 Ritz New York Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 11.12.81 Santa Monica Bootleg
Zappa, Frank 24.05.88 Stuttgart, Germany Bootleg
Klassische Musik
Classics Vol I
Classics Vol II
Chopin, Frederic Nocturnes No 1-10
Chopin, Frederic Walzer No 1-14
Chopin, Frederic Piano Concert
Ravel, Maurice Sampler
Tschaikowsky, Peter J. Nussknacker, Schwanensee UA
Vivaldi, Antonio The Four Seasons
Vivaldi, Antonio The Four Seasons